Wednesday, March 26, 2014

taking stock + making changes. . .

there's early to bed for young and for old.
there's a rainwater tank that has nearly run dry.
there's a coffee and walnut cake made from this favourite book.
there's a six-year-old girl who can now ride a bike.
there are berries to be picked on the farm next door.
there's the excitement of a first visit from the tooth fairy. 
there's making sure i get to a yoga class once a week.
there's this documentary that has been on my mind.
there's a new cleaning lady who will be visiting soon.
there are some things i'm making for a little shop i'm creating.
there are karri trees in flower and the anticipation of honey.
there's the thrill of a ride in poppy's new sidecar.
there's the magic healing powers of a dip in the ocean.
there are tomato and zucchini plants on their last legs.
there's cool crisp mornings and beautiful autumn light.

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{there is also a big heartfelt thank you
for your kind thoughts in response to my last post ~
your support really means the world xo}

Wednesday, March 5, 2014

cloudy with a chance of tears. . .

sleep deprivation is eating me up. i feel like i'm at rock bottom. i'm consumed by it. wondering how much longer i'll have to exist in this fog. i've been here before. i know it will end. but right now it feels so thick and heavy. it's a struggle to get through each day, let alone endure another long night. i'm in a daze. unmotivated. i can barely communicate. my memory is shot. so is my patience. i just want to crawl under a rock and wait for this whole phase to blow over. except that i can't. my family needs me. there are things to do. the world keeps knocking.

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{such a tedious topic, with no simple solution. but a couple of years from now, 
when i start pining for another baby, i'll need this little reminder of how things really were}

Friday, February 28, 2014

in the kitchen | my favourite online recipes. . .

i'm enjoying spending time in the kitchen lately. trying new recipes. making a mess. once upon a time i found cooking a bit of a chore. these days though, i'm seeing it more as a creative outlet. it's been a healthy shift in perspective. i'm struggling to find the time or energy for any other sort of making, but cooking is something i need to do every day, so it makes good sense to embrace it. here are a couple of sites i'm enjoying right now. . . 

my new roots has a bounty of healthy delicious recipes, as you probably already know. the loaf of life changing bread is totally. . . life changing! so easy and so yummy. especially when it's toasted. then topped with lashings of butter. i've been making a loaf each week. the kids love making it, but don't love eating it. i'm happy to have more for me. the coconut black rice breakfast pudding is very good too. the kids do love this one. for breakfast. for dessert. for anytime (thanks for the recommendation kel). the raw taco fiesta has been popular in our house for a long while now. it's a great light, fresh, summertime meal.

quirky cooking is my favourite place for quick and healthy thermomix recipes. i made the paprika chicken this week before i rushed out the door to yoga. it was super quick and easy. 25 minutes tops to prepare and cook the rice, veggies, chicken and a tasty sauce. my friend helen also put me onto the cashew chicken recipe, which is an all 'round winner too. sam makes the huevos rancheros a lot as an easy sunday night dinner. jo is bringing out a cookbook soon and i can't wait!

are there any recipes you've discovered lately online that i must try? i'd love to give them a whirl!

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{here's my pinterest board of favourite recipes. 
most of these are ones i've tried and tested and return to often}

Wednesday, February 19, 2014

around here . . .

it feels like we missed summer. we haven't had nearly enough beach days.
the baby sprouted three new teeth this week. our nights went from bad to worse.
i've just finished reading the riders. now i'm dreaming of the greek islands. 
the early mornings are breathtaking. i drag myself from bed to witness it once in a while.
i was given a slackline for christmas. i'm loving mastering a new skill.
oscar is now nine months old. he's as cute as can be and pretty hilarious too.
the fig tree is loaded with fruit. i'm waiting patiently for it to ripen.
i finally taught myself how to braid. thank you, you tube.
sam and i enjoyed a lovely long lunch on the weekend. thank you, mum.
the veggie patch is getting some attention at long last. tomatoes are go.
we robbed our bee hives. the honey tasted like medicine.
i'm buying mavi jeans on ebay. a little bit obsessively.
we're picking berries every day. the silvans are delicious right now.
i'm making an effort to drink lots of water. shooting for 3L a day.
i'm noticing that life feels better when i blog. or maybe that i blog when life feels better?

: :

{i found the first two pictures on my camera. an aila-eye view of the world}

Sunday, February 16, 2014

my brown-eyed boy. . .

i love the days when he's off at kindy
and cherish the days we have together at home
he's found the perfect outlet for his boy energy
and i've found some space to breathe
it feels like a good balance
just what we both needed

Monday, February 10, 2014

vale judith. . .

she was strong. she was creative and industrious. she was a loving mother to sam. an adoring mardie to my children. she was a painter. she was a psychologist. she was an avid reader. she could be relied on for sensible advice. she made beautiful pottery. she knew a lot of things about a lot of things. she was a feminist. she taught us about bees. she produced award winning olive oil. she had a no-nonsense can-do attitude. she was frank and honest. she had a beautiful garden. she loved roses. she was beautiful. she was an amazing woman. she fought hard. she will be dearly missed. 

: :

{in january sam's mum passed away after an 18 year battle with cancer. our world will never be the same. 
i was unsure about sharing something so private and painful here in this space. yet i couldn't continue blogging without reference to such a significant event in our lives. 
i have turned off comments for this post}

Wednesday, December 18, 2013

the importance of being oscar. . .

hey you. with the crazy hair. with the dancing blue eyes. with the two tooth grin. you kind of turned our world upside down when you arrived seven months ago. you've well and truly cemented a place in our family. in our hearts. we all adore you. your sister makes you laugh with her mad dance moves. your brother builds block towers for your demolition pleasure. you like to eat paper. and sometimes dead blowflies. today you had three sausage rolls for morning tea. you're too busy moving to bother much with sitting. you want in on the action. you'll move great distances at great speed to get what you want. most days you have three dreadlocks in the back of your hair. you're generous with the smiles. easy with the laughs. especially if your neck is being nibbled. not much a fan of sleeping {that's fairly standard around here}. you're a little like your sister. a little like your brother. 
and a whole lot like you

: :

{earlier this year, when i was about eight months pregnant, we went to see a production of oscar wilde's 'the importance of being earnest'. from that event, came this guys name.}